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Cost Engineering

Ashiglobal's cost engineering services help the project management team in exercising practically online control of the costs vis-à-vis project execution budgets through application of latest techniques of Project Cost Management. Large dynamic database & In-house developed programs operating on PC platform are used in estimating costs of work packages prior to their award.

Procurement Assistance

Ashiglobal offers comprehensive procurement services through a highly professional tendering team, effective monitoring and expediting group, a well experienced and qualified multi- disciplinary inspection force.
    Following comprehensive procurement services are provided:
  • Vendor identification, evaluation & enlistment
  • Entire tendering activity, floating of enquiry to finalisation of order.
  • Order placement
  • Progress monitoring & expediting
  • Inspection
  • Commissioning & Plant Start Up Assistance

    Ashiglobal's Commissioning team project right from the process design stage. It reviews process & engineering design documents especially with respect to operability & safety. The team also prepares operation manuals providing instruction for plant start-up, shutdown & handling various emergencies. It provides guidelines and supervises pre commissioning & commissioning activities at site.

    Safety Planning

    Safety Planning and Management during Execution & Construction

    An elaborate safety planning and management is deployed during execution of projects. Following steps ensures utmost safety during construction:

    • Safety program policy statement documenting the owner’s emphasis on safety and responsibilities for implementation.
    • Safety management, providing a summary of the entire Site Safety Management Process.
    • Roles and responsibilities for all individuals and entities involved in the process.
    • Safety pre-planning during the planning stages to develop a safety plan for use during construction.
    • Safety pre-qualification, comparing each contractor’s past performance to safety criteria.
    • Site communication to detail how safety information will be shared with on-site contractor supervision.
    • Site orientation, spelling out how safety information will reach contractor personnel.
    • Pre-job hazard analysis, documenting hazard identification and corresponding safety efforts.
    • Contractor incident investigation to document root causes and determine corrective and preventive actions.
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