Project Management

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Project Management

Ashiglobal's project management services comprise directions and coordination of the activities leading to the execution of a job in accordance with terms of the contract, in compliance with the job schedule and to the satisfaction of the client. The efforts of various agencies such as licensors, vendors, contractors/sub contractors & Ashiglobal's different departments are brought together in a logical pattern to result in fruitful culmination of the project.

Planning & Scheduling

Ashiglobal ensures effective & timely implementation of projects through detailed assessment of work quantum, meticulous planning, micro level scheduling and dynamic monitoring. State- of-the-art, international software packages on project management are deployed for preparation of plans / schedules and their analysis. Along with the above, a supporting set of in-house developed software packages are used for detailed scheduling of engineering, procurement, and construction activities including integrated software for project material control and data flow between Head Office & Project Sites. These schedules are reviewed, updated and project completion outlook analyzed by planning engineers having vast experience in all phases of project planning. Corrective action plans are developed for functional & executive levels of project management wherever required. In addition, quantitative progress of the various phases of project is measured and reported through a well-designed reporting system which enables complete evaluation of project performance.

Construction Management

Ashiglobal provides total construction management services at site including selection of construction contractors, warehouse management, quality control/quality assurance (QC/QA) , process monitoring & scheduling, review of heavy erection schemes, safety etc. depending on client's need,Ashiglobal takes total site responsibility from survey & soil investigation to mechanical completion & assistance in commissioning.

Use of modern construction techniques, innovative construction procedures, emphasis on QA/AC are some of the hallmarks based on which it has been possible for Ashiglobal to reduce construction time of projects yet providing work of highest quality.

Safety Planning

Safety Planning and Management during Execution & Construction

An elaborate safety planning and management is deployed during execution of projects. Following steps ensures utmost safety during construction:

  • Safety program policy statement documenting the owner’s emphasis on safety and responsibilities for implementation.
  • Safety management, providing a summary of the entire Site Safety Management Process.
  • Roles and responsibilities for all individuals and entities involved in the process.
  • Safety pre-planning during the planning stages to develop a safety plan for use during construction.
  • Safety pre-qualification, comparing each contractor’s past performance to safety criteria.
  • Site communication to detail how safety information will be shared with on-site contractor supervision.
  • Site orientation, spelling out how safety information will reach contractor personnel.
  • Pre-job hazard analysis, documenting hazard identification and corresponding safety efforts.
  • Contractor incident investigation to document root causes and determine corrective and preventive actions.
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